Thursday, March 20, 2014

Present day Honesty

Only honest persons can agree that sometimes they are dishonest, may be due to certain circumstances. Dishonest persons shall always claim that they are always honest and never dishonest. But one must remember "Even DHARMARAJ had to lie in MAHABHARATA.
We are very small people.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Social Networking

It seems there has been set a fashion to join one or the other social circle; face book, buzz, being some of them. Orkut which was very popular earlier seems to have given way to other sites. It’s a matter of surprise how busy people find time to share their views on these sites. Is it due to bankruptcy of creative ideas for good work? I don't know. It may be too early for me to comment like that. One needs to think why one needs such association. Are some of the site managers (excluding the reputed ones) misusing these sites to promote their interests and encourage their members to increase their following so as to serve their nefarious designs to carry out illegal work of fishing information? Quite often, invitations are sent to the unknown or related people on behalf of their members without their consent. Is this not violation of ethical morality?  

I don't know who shall read my mind. But let me check up if someone exists (other than of course GOD who reads everything) who can comment.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Left and right brains

Is it necessary that creativity and systematic approach cannot go together? It's like saying that left and right brains do not go together. How can they dictate the same person if they don't go together? One has to train his left and right brains to go together in a coordinated fashion in order to move in life on the right track. Otherwise, the life train can get derailed in the absence of a sensible driver.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Five Senses and Computer Simulations

Everything is true at concept stage for the person who originates that concept. However, after expression of thought it becomes untrue.

Today's computers use digital signals obtained from optical readers or microphones or touchscreens and convert the data back into images or sounds which can be understood by the recipients of signals.Today's state of art permits conversion from light or sound signals to be recognised by computers. Computers are presently unable to convert and transmit signals of taste or smell. Probably, so far the technology to convert smell or taste signals into digital form is not developed. May be for smell or taste signal actual transfer of molecules is required which cannot be transmitted through long distances. Also, may be due to the fact that Touch, Smell and Taste sensations are due to stimulation of skin nerves, nasal nerves and oral taste buds which can't be simulated with virtual signals.

Let us hope ,one day scientists shall be able to develop the technology to convert smell or taste sensations into digital electronic signals and use them in computers to transfer the data back to recipients in the same form. This shall mean that the transmission is really Hi Fie with all the senses. Then the virtual world shall be very close to real world.

Your comments for further enlightenment whether this concept can become true; at least whether it is feasible?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Organisation of Knowledge for the Benefit of Mankind

If all knowledge is born from people working on existing knowledge, there should be some source which can tell us at least the broad aspects of everything. It may not be possible for one individual to develop skills in all the areas.However, broad knowledge of all different heads /categories / aspects of knowledge should not be very remote.
Firstly, a list of different aspects of knowledge A to Z needs to be created. This may need to be further updated on a regular basis.
Secondly, the sources where the relevant knowledge can be found may be linked to this list. Encyclopedia may give relevant help.
The third step could be how to reach these sources.
It appears that presently various sources are available but they may not be properly classified or grouped. Internet has exploded knowledge however easy (user friendly) "What is where?" list is not available. One person surely cannot be expected to carry out such a voluminous time consuming task. However some effective concerted steps taken by a group can help complete the task at hand in a reasonable time frame.

If some expert on scheduling of tasks can give his guidance on PERT and CPM to be applied and some leader can coordinate the activities it should be possible to give fair justice to the work. Some service providers can help by making available the web space and the required software support for linking. This is just a concept based on the need to organise knowledge and should help humanity in the long run.Proper channelising of resources and direction to this work can complete the work efficiently.

Here are some aspects which can be further elaborated/ expanded.

1.0 Different subjects of study and their relevance to mankind: science,arts commerce,sociology,
medicine ,Eng., politics , human behaviour etc. etc. the list shall be very very big.

2.0 How worldly aspects are controlled? Nature of Almighty.

3.0 Different categories of species and different characteristics of human beings.

4.0 All different known materials in the world with classification in different types/categories.

5.0 List of various languages and their evolution.

6.0 Various ways of communication.

It is understood that the work involved is gigantic .However somebody has to make a start.

Your comments are not only welcome but also essential for proper direction to this work
and contribution via new ideas.

Volunteers Please.

Friday, October 12, 2007


While doing "Vajrasan" ( a particular yogasan which can be carried out even after lunch ), you feel even 2-3 minutes are too big to sustain. While making a phone call, you don't know, how the time has passed and the bill rises.

So, carry on "Vajrasan", while making a phone call.